Egypt Before The Pharaohs


This book studies prehistoric Egypt. The aim of a general prehistory of Egypt is to overcome the barriers that have stood for so long between Paleolithic and Predynastic specialists and thereby make available the rich heritage of all of Egyptian prehistory , a period that comprises 98 percent of mankind’s experience in the Nile Valley.
The late prehistoric or protohistoric approach is aided by ethnohistory ; the method of employing oral accounts and recorded behaviour of contemporary people to reconstruct the life style of their immediate ancestors.
Unlike traditional historical accounts , this book sees the spectacular Egyptian civilization with all its developments and failures as an end rather than a beginning. It is a result of prehistoric development during which the ancient Egyptians adapted their societies to the evolving river Nile and to the radically changing climatic regimes that together forged a distinctively Egyptian culture template.

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سنة النشر : 1990
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London and Henley – 1980
Michael A. Hoffman
Routeledge & Kegan Paul
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