Media Development Indicators


Media development is clearly linked to media potential to strengthen democratic processes which are participatory , transparent and accountable, and encompass all actors of society.
Evidence show that pluralistic, independent and free media environment is essential for fostering democracy. Moreover , by providing a means for communicating and accessing information , the media can help to ensure that citizens are equipped with the tools necessary to make informed choices and enhance their participation in decision – making on issues that affect their lives.

Proposed Set of Indicators
Category 1 : A system of regulation conducive to freedom of expression, pluralism and diversity of media.
Category 2 : pluralism and diversity of media , a level economic playing field and transparency of ownership
Category 3 : Media as a platform of for democratic discourse
Category 4 : Professional capacity building and supporting institutions that underpins freedom of expression, pluralism and diversity of media.
Category 5 : infrastructural capacity is sufficient to support independent and pluralistic media.

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