Countering Violent Extremism- Beyond Words

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Topic/ A policy paper intended to discuss the fact that the global discourse on terrorism and violent extremism is proceeding in a productive direction, as the threat to peace and security from extremist movements may now be greater than any time since the collapse of communism.
The paper is arranged in two parts;
Part I outlines the current language and communication strategies in U.S. public discourse
Part II presents the conclusion and offers concrete recommendations for policymakers and opinion leaders on how to improve their effectiveness.
Furthermore, the book is proceeding on two tracks; on the one hand, it tries to sensitize political and economic decision makers, security and counter-terrorism practitioners, as well as members of civil society and the media to the necessary language and actions that are required to counter violent extremism.
On the other hand, it focuses on a long-term fundamental change in how people perceive the "us versus them" dynamic and to promote pluralism as one of the best means to isolate extremist groups.

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سنة النشر : 2008
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معلومات الكتاب :
Amy Zalman
EastWest Institute- 5/2008