The Harvest Two Years after Khol' An Analytical Study

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The Khol' Law was introduced in an attempt to ensure the best interests of the Egyptian family, however, some people asserted that women are not qualified to initiate divorce through Khol'.
This Study analyzes three aspects for the Khol' legislation:
Its legal content and ramifications, the sociological context within which the law was passed, and media coverage of the law
The book provides a critical analysis of the theoretical and applied aspects of Khol' through an analysis of the minutes of parliamentary debates concerning the Khol' articles, paying particular attention to the impact on parliamentarians of mainstream social culture, and discussing the role of the media in presenting Khol'
.Translated by: Dr. Seham Abdul Salam

رقم تصنيف الكتاب : 3000077
سنة النشر : 2003
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معلومات الكتاب :
Azza Salah
Azza Soliman
Huda Zakareya and Mariz Tadrou
The Center for Egyptian Women's Legal Assistance (CEWLA) - 2003